Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area

Tenth Annual 

1-3 May 2015


Gaye Fifer

Emily Abel




Outstanding cuisine
Chef Hariette Bugel
True Color Cooking

For 2015, we have 
a gender balance policy 
in place


Whitewater Whirl is

  • a mountaintop county park setting 
  • dance on nice wood floors in historic wood & stone buildings built in the 1930's by the CCC 
  • FREE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES including beautiful hiking, scenic biking, great birding, scenic drives
  • Pro-guided activities including a ZIPLINE treetop canopy tour, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing/rappeling, and more
  • great food onsite with our meal plan, or fabulous food offsite at local restaurants 
  • free onsite camping and dorm-style lodging.
  • a lot of smiling people! (see Happy Campers)

Happy campers : - )

"What an exceptional weekend!  My daughter says that everyone is talking on Facebook about what a great time they had.  I think you can count on a large group of young people telling their friends and coming back for another great year in 2009!  I appreciate all you did to make the weekend so smooth." -- Gaye Fifer

"There's no other dance weekend I've found that can hold a candle to the Whirl for excitement, setting and downtime activities." -- Ted Duncan

"I'd like to say I, too, had a great time.  What a privilege to be part of such a successful and happy event." -- Jim Hatfield

"Your willingness to serve in multiple ways and create an experience in which people of differing interests and skills could feel valued and included is truly a marvelous thing.  Makes me wanna dance..." --Trish Hatfield

I am a big fan of WWW, so I don't see a whole lot of room for improvement.  As I've told everyone, the music and calling was off the charts, amazingly good.  The West Virginia countryside and campout experience make it a particularly special dance experience. The schedule and content is first-rate.  It draws a really friendly and fun group of dancers too. The food and group meals are a big plus.  The weekend is a great value too. -- Rick Szumski

We sure had a great time at the Whitewater Whirl again this year!  A super weekend!  Thanks for all that you did to make it happen! -- Dale (& Kim) Preston 

This was truly a GREAT WEEKEND!!  Thanks for making it happen!! -- Joyce

Thanks for organizing another great Whirl! I had a great time again this year and i hope next year is equally fun. -- Tony H.

Thanks again for a super weekend. It was a long drive for us (7 hours) but we had a wonderful time: great music, callers, scenery and people! -- Bob, Tali, Miriam and Hannah

Thank you for a great time. --Sharon Carlomagno 
We had a great time at the WWW!  Thanks so much for making it happen. --Cindy O'Brien and Larry Harris
...thanks for running such a wonderful weekend. -- Barbara

GREAT WEEKEND!!  We had a great time and certainly enjoyed the weekend!! -- Suzanne


The Whirl was a great time had by all, me included...Anyway, you did a bangup job and i'm looking foward to next year. -- John L.

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