5-7 May 2023   
16TH Annual 

Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area

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What to bring

If you are participating in an off-site adventure

Prepare for adventure

Rafting / river adventures

It's springtime, so be prepared for a variety of temps.

Check the forecast: Local 10-day forecast

Layered clothing including a rain coat or shell with hood - Hat or cap

River shoes or sandals for water activities such as stream wading,

Daypack - Water bottle - Sunglasses - Sunscreen (waterproof if rafting) - Bug juice

Small cameras - Money for gifts/souvenirs/guide tip EPI pen if you're allergic to bee stings (just a precaution, there aren't scads of bees around),

Besides the above listed items, below are specific recommendations for specific activities ....

Comfortable footwear you don't mind getting wet - sandals with SmartWool-type socks is great.

Avoid cotton entirely, as it gets cold when wet. Polypro, capilene or other synthetic long underwear under your shorts is great on cooler days. Pack an upper-body garment made of Polartec, wool, or similar for a warm middle layer.

Sun screen, rain gear, hat, sunglasses,

Croakies or other brand elasicized headstrap to keep your glasses from getting away, bug spray, water bottle, lunch (some outfitters provide lunch, check the listing of the activity you're interested in), a nylon shell top & bottom.

Secured dry bag available onboard to store that extra clothing layer, meds, glasses, wallet, etc.



Field glasses
guide book
Outerwear as appropriate for the weather

The appropriate licence

also check here

Rock climbing

Horse riding

Climbing shoes provided.

For the walk to your climb site, wear sneakers or any close-toed, comfortable shoe or boot you can get dirty. (Not sandals - it's easy to bang a toe in cliff areas.)

Outerwear as appropriate for the weather.

Long pants

long sleeved shirts

shoe/boots with smooth soles (avoid sandals).

Outerwear as appropriate for the weather. 


Hiking/general outdoors

Old shirts

Riding shorts or regular shorts (jeans and long pants not recommended)

Sturdy shoes or sneakers (no sandals will be permitted)

Windbreakers in rainy or windy weather.

Helmets will be provided and must be worn at all times.

Outerwear as appropriate for the weather.

Your favorite nature guides.

Hiking boots would be a good idea, but sneakers will get you through most anywhere you're likely to be this weekend.

Daypack, water bottle.

Remember the wool/Smartwool socks in case it's on the cool side, and outerwear as appropriate for the weather.


Updated: 2014-01-23