5-7 May 2023   
16TH Annual 

Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area



Can I bring my pet to the Whirl?  
No, pets are not allowed at Fayette County Park / 4H Camp.  We are sorry about this, but we don't make the rules :)  Serveral of the organizers have pets that they would like to bring, but the park rules prevent it.  Hemlock Haven Cabins (See bottomm of this page) is a great, nearby option for dancers with pets. If you bring your pet, please do not bring him/her onto the site as it will jeopardize our future use of the camp.

Can I bring alcohol?

No, alcohol is prohibited in the park and in the 4H camp area.  The facility is owned by Fayette County, and alcohol is prohibited on this county property. 

I plan to camp for the weekend. Can I collect some wood and make a fire for cooking?
No, open fires are prohibited in the park and the 4H camp area. There is a fire pit used by 4H campers for gatherings and sing-a-longs.  However that pit is a long walk over the hills and through the woods. It is not a good option for cooking. For cooking at your campsite, you will need to bring a comp stove. 

Can I get a work scholarship to help reduce the admission price?

Yes,   40 hours (total) of volunteer work are available for the weekend. Several work options - 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours shifts – are available.  When you register, request a volunteer discount, and specify the number of hours you wish to work.  We will try to accommodate all volunteer requests until we fill the total of 40 hours needed help. See the Admission page for details.

Do I need to pre-register?
Yes. To guarantee a space, you should preregister.  However, walk-ins requesting weekend admission will be accommodated is there is space available. Before driving to the site, check with us to determine if there is space.   Information about availability and costs will be posted on our web site and on our information hot-line 304-415-3668 one week prior to the Whirl.  See the Admission page for details.

Can I attend just an evening dance or a workshop or two?
Maybe ... walk-ins requesting single event admission will be accomodated if there is space available.  Information about availability and costs will be posted on our web site and on our information hot-line 304-415-3668 one week prior to the Whirl. See the Admission page for details.

Can I bring a non-dancing guest?

Yes. There is no admission charge for your guest.  If your guest wishes to have meals onsite, he/she will have to purchase a meal plan. If your guest wishes to nosh at that dance snack table, he she will have to bring a snack contribution or donate $5 for the snack fund.  See the Admission page for details

Can I bring my child[ren]?

Yes. Children who are experienced dancers are welcome on the dance floor. Children who are non-dancers are welcome at the site. However, child care is not provided, and we do not have any scheduled activities for non-dancing youth. In the New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area, there is a multitude of fun activities for young and old.  Non-dancing kids would love one of these activities if you wanted to spend Saturday morning and / or afternoon adventuring.  See the Pro-guided Adventures page and the Self-guided Adventures page for suggestions. 

Is there cell phone service at the camp?

Yes. Cell phone service from most providers is available in the camp.

Is there WiFi service at the camp?

No. WiFi is not available anywhere onsite.

Hemlock Haven Cabins

A great option for dancers with dogs. It is especially affordable if you book a cabin as a group.

BOOK EARLY! (Pet-free cabins also available.

  • Really nice, in the woods, 15-20 minutes or so from the Whirl.
  • Kitchenette, Jacuzzi, securely-fenced area for your dog(s) adjoins your cabin.
  • Better hosts you won't find.



Updated: 2018-04-26