5-7 May 2023   
16TH Annual 

Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area

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Driving Directions



Fayette County Park / 4H Camp
1268 Fayette County Park Rd
Fayetteville, WV 25840

(The facility has a Fayetteville address, but is located 5 miles west of the town of Fayetteville.)

GPS Coordinates
(according to Google Maps)

38.07826428514586, -81.15154266357422

Map to Fayette County Park / 4H Camp

On the Google map, click the green tent icon.  Information - including GPS coords - for Fayette County Park / 4H Camp will be displayed.

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Driving distances

(to Beckley, WV)

- If you are traveling from the south or east, add 30 to the distances below

- If you are traveling from the north or west, subtract 30 miles 

Distances to Beckly, WV
 Atlanta, GA
 Lewisburg, WV
 Baltimore, MD
 Lexington, KY
 Beckley, WV
 Louisville, KY
 Buffalo, NY
 Miami, FL
 Charleston, WV
Myrtle Beach, SC
 Chaleston, SC
 Nashville, TN
 Charlotte, NC
 New York, NY
 Charlottesville, VA
 Philadelphia, PA
 Chattanooga, TN
 Pittsburgh, PA
 Cincinnati, OH
 Raleigh, NC
 Cleveland, OH
 Richmond, VA
 Columbia, SC
 Roanoke, VA
 Columbus, OH
 Toledo, OH
 Detriot, MI
 Huntington, WV
 Washington, DC
 Indianapolis, IN
 Wheeling, WV
 Jacksonville, FL
 Winston-Salem, NC
 Knoxville, TN
 Wytheville, VA
 "New River Gorge Bridge"

To Whitewater Whirl

From Charleston, WV:

Quick route, scenic route: 

45 miles [ 55 minutes ] from Charleston to the camp. 35 miles of two-lane roads. Lots of up-and-down, lots of curves, lots of curves on the up-and-down sections. 

  • follow I-77 S/I-64 E to Exit 85 [Chelyan, WV]. 
  • Follow signs for US-60/Chelyan/Cedar Grove. 
  • Cross the "Admiral TJ Lopez Bridge" to US-60 E [turn right off of the bridge] 
  • Continue to fork at WV-16 in Chimney Corner - [Landmark: The Country Store] and stay right
  • WV-16 South to Beckwith, WV. 
  • On your right look for the store named, "The Store". 
  • About 50 yards past "The Store", look for Fayette County Park Road on the right, and turn right. (Fayetteville is 4 miles further ahead on 16.)

Longer route, less curves:

70 miles [75 minutes] from Charleston to the camp. 55 miles of interstate roads. 

  • Take I-77S to Rt 612 (Mossy exit).
  • Turn left at bottom of ramp, and continue to the end of the road at US-19.
  • Cross the median and head north on US-19 to the light at Fayetteville (Watch your speed on US-19 especially from the time you enter the Fayetteville town limits until you are about a half mile out of town on WV-16 and back onto 55 mph roadway!)
  • Turn L onto WV-16N. Go about 4 miles and turn left onto Fayette County Park Road (If you reach "The Store" on your left, you've just missed your turn) and proceed to the end of the road. 

Longest route, all 4-lane travel to Fayettevile:
  • From Charleston, take I-64E / I-77S to Exit 45/US-19 north of Beckley, WV.
  • Then, follow BECKLEY DIRECTIONS. 


1. From Beckley, follow I-77 N to Exit 45/US-19. It’s not far!

2. US-19 N to WV-16 (at Fayetteville, WV). Watch your speed! Note: WV-16 intersects US-19 several times. Be sure to go to the exit at the Fayetteville intersection. (Landmark: There is a stop light at the intersection. Tudor's Biscuit World is on the right [east]). 

3. Now, use the LOCAL DIRECTIONS (below) to get you from Fayetteville to the County Park.


1. Starting at the Fayetteville, WV intersection of US-19 and WV-16, take WV-16 N (toward Beckwith and away from Fayetteville - you're heading downhill. Obey the 25 mph and 40 mph speed limits here!).

2.  On right, look for brown sign: "Fayette County Park 500 feet".

3. When you reach the border of Beckwith (road sign on right), take an immediate left onto Fayette County Park Rd [WV County Rd 8]. 

4.  When Fayette County Park Rd forks at the park sign, take the right fork.

From Morgantown, WV:

  • I-79 S to Exit 57/US-19 (10 miles south of Flatwoods, WV). US-19 S to WV-16 (at Fayetteville, WV). 
  • Prior to reaching the WV-16 intersection, you will cross the New River Gorge Bridge. WV-16 at Fayetteville is the first intersection south of the bridge (about 1/2 mile). It has a stoplight. (Landmark: Tudor's Biscuit World on the left [east]. 

From Virginia and the Carolinas: 

Enter WV on  I-64W or

I-77N. Drive to Beckley. Follow BECKLEY DIRECTIONS.

From MI and N.E. OH: 

From Toledo, I-80E to I-79S. Follow Morgantown directions. From most of OH: Enter WV on either I-64-E or I-77 S and get to Charleston. Then follow CHARLESTON DIRECTIONS.

From  Lexington, KY and points west:  

Enter WV on I-64E to Charleston. Follow CHARLESTON DIRECTIONS. 

From Pikeville, KY and points west: 

If you live far enough S that taking I-64E to Charleston, WV looks too out of the way, get yourself a good road atlas and consult the Internet – there’s no direct yet easy way to Beckley. You may want to take US-460E to I-77N. Good luck!

From DC,  Baltimore, points north: 

Take I-81 S to I-64 W to Beckley. Then follow BECKLEY DIRECTIONS.


Updated: 2019-04-01