4-6 May 2018
14TH Annual 

Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area

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2018 Callers

Gaye Fifer

Gaye Fifer is an accomplished contra caller and waltz instructor from Pittsburgh, PA (by way of Charlottesville, VA). An active dancer herself, Gaye understands the subtleties of making contras and waltzes particularly satisfying for dancers.

Her instructions are clear and concise, a talent that comes naturally because she was a teacher by profession. An easy smile and delightful sense of humor are part of Gaye's relaxed, pleasant style while calling and teaching.

Gaye is known as both a dance caller and leader of some fun and UNUSUAL workshops (like Dutch Crossing). She has been a caller and teacher at almost every dance weekend in the eastern US and delights dancers with her clear walk-throughs and smooth-flowing contras. 

 Gaye will call the Saturday night dance with the Ripples and lead workshops, including her popular intermediate waltz workshop.

Cary Ravitz

Cary Ravitz (Lexington, KY), has achieved international recognition for his creative contra dance choreography. “I want to connect the dancers to the music and the other dancers,” he writes. And does he connect! Cary’s rare ability to combine figures into dances that flow smoothly and blend with the music has delighted thousands of dancers, of all experience levels.

Most callers include Cary’s dances in their repertoire, and are always looking for more. Fortunately, Cary is a prolific writer, with more than 150 contra dances to his credit.

Cary is a regular caller at dances in Kentucky and Ohio, and has called at dance weekends throughout the US and in Canada. He will call the Friday night dance with the Contrarians, and lead workshops, including one on dance choreography, on Saturday.
Ravitz dances: www.dance.ravitz.us

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