5-7 May 2023   
16TH Annual 

Whitewater Whirl!

a mini dance vacation in WV's New River Gorge Scenic Recreation Area

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About the weekend



  • Flash light. The camp will be dark at night. There’s not much outdoor lighting.
  • Warm clothing for cool evenings.
  • Cool clothing for warm days.
  • Sturdy shoes [rough ground, a rough stone stairway between dance hall and dining hall.]
  • Your dance snack contribution [if you did not make a $5 contribution.]

If you are staying in a cabin or camping

  • Sheets
  • Pillow
  • Warm blankets or sleeping bag. Cabins are unheated.
  • Towel, wash cloth, soap, shampoo
  • Shower shoes or flip flops. Bathhouse floors tend to accumulate water.


We encourage you to pre-register, but we’ll welcome you enthusiastically if you just show up with your dancing shoes. We typically have 100-120 dancers at the Whirl, but the hall can take up to 200. If you can only make it for one of the evening dances and/or some workshops, that’s fine—we’ll accommodate you (see Admission page for fees).

Children who are experienced dancers are welcome on the dance floor. Children who are non-dancers are welcome at the camp. However, child care is not provided, and we do not have any scheduled activities for non-dancing youth.


40 hours (total) of volunteer work are available for the weekend. Several work options - 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours shifts – are available. When you register, request a volunteer discount, and specify the number of hours you wish to work. We will try to accommodate all volunteer requests until we fill the total of 40 hours needed. See the Admission page for details.


At the dance hall (follow signs at entrance to park). Check-in starts at 5 pm on Friday, May 3. At check-in you will:

  • receive information about the weekend
  • be able to choose a cabin [first-come-first-served] or find a suitable camping area
  • choose a day and time to bring your snack item to the dance snack table
  • create a custom button (or bring your favorite button from another dance weekend).

If you arrive before 5 pm, you can select a cabin space or tent space. If you arrive after 5 pm, please check in before proceeding to a cabin or a camp site.

We will post information around the camp but will not have stacks of printed material to hand out. You can download our INFO PACK which includes: Weekend schedule, meal menu, driving directions, camp rules, camp map, area map.


We offer free accommodation in picturesque 4H camp log cabins with bunk beds (and fairly new mattresses). There are several AC outlets in each cabin. Cabins are unheated. There’s also no A/C but at this elevation it’s never been hot enough in early May to need it.

We do not assign cabin spaces. It’s first-come-first-served. Bath houses are nearby.

Cabin designations are:

Cabin 1: Coed cabin.

Cabin 2: Whirl staff cabin only

Cabin 5: Upper floor: women’s cabin. This level has its own entrance.

Cabin 5: Lower: men’s cabin. This level has its own entrance.

Cabin 6: Coed cabin. The cabin has two floors. The single entrance is on the ground floor.

Fayette County 4H Camp rules prohibit moving beds and removing mattresses from beds. We have never heard of dancers moving the furniture around but we’ve been asked to inform you.


Camping spaces are available:

  • Near the dance hall.
  • Near the dining hall [lots of flat space here]
  • In the large field opposite Cabins 1 and 2

Open fires are prohibited in the park and the 4H camp area. There is a fire pit used by 4H campers for gatherings and sing-a-longs but it’s a long hike over the hill to reach it, and it is not a good option for cooking. Bring a camp stove.


Men's and women's bathhouses - near Cabins 5 and 6

Coed bath house - between Cabins 1 and 2 near the large camping field.


We’d like to thank Harriette Bugel of True Color Cooking for catering previous Whirls. This year, meals will be provided by Don Williams and Café 110, just down the road in Oak Hill, WV. hwww.facebook.com/cafeoneten


The dance hall and dining hall have outlets that can be used for charging mobile phones. There are fewer outlets in the cabins and they are not suitable for electric blankets or portable heaters.


Cell phone service from most providers is available. WiFi is not available.


Pets are not permitted in either the park or the camp. Hemlock Haven Cabins (304-575-1260) is a great, nearby option for dancers with pets. If you bring your pet, please do not bring him/her onto the site as it will jeopardize our future use of the camp. 


Alcohol is prohibited in the park and camp area. The facility is owned by Fayette County, and alcohol is prohibited on this county property. If you know of anyone who has brought alcohol to the camp, please encourage them to remove all bottles and cans when they leave, and not put them in the trash cans.


For local weather, check the forecast for Fayetteville, WV. Expect warm days and cool evenings. The camp is at a higher elevation that some other areas of West Virginia.


Updated: 2019-04-29